Tough Love


Smalltown Animation is currently creating a Sydney-based animated comedy/drama series, Tough Love.

“Almost thirty, and still a mess.”

Tough Love follows three almost-thirty-year-olds struggling to get their adult lives on track in Sydney and shake the party days of their youth. The show centres around three housemates – Tracey, Michelle, and Riesling (Reese, for short).

Parties, drugs, sex, responsibilities, and impending adulthood collide to create some very awkward situations.

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Tracey is the anxiety-prone moral centre of the trio, striving for a life of normality, free from financial woes.

She takes her job as a customer care telephone representative for an insurance company way too seriously.

Coming from a poor family, she knows the value of a dollar all too well and finds herself stressing over money a lot.

She knows some see her as tightly-wound and boring, but she knows eventually someone will understand her properly. Until then, she has her cats – and anxiety.


Riesling comes from well-off family that happens to own a very successful vineyard overseas. Hence the name – Riesling. His parents thought it would be cute; He doesn’t. Unfortunately for his parents, Riesling’s love for wine extends only to how quickly he can scull a bottle.

Riesling’s cynical and misanthropic outlook on life allows him to heavily judge others while remain ignorant to his own problems.

Despite having ample opportunity to follow his family’s footsteps and learn about the wine industry, he continues to float around looking for the next distraction.


If Karen Walker (Will & Grace) and Patsy Stone (Absolutely Fabulous) fell in love and had a child in New Zealand, that child would be Michelle.

Michelle is a passionate party-goer. She is the party – even when the party has ended and she’s face down in a gutter somewhere.

She’s a crass, pill-popping lush, with an eye for the finer things in life. She’s easily motivated by Tracey to better herself, but as the big 3-0 looms closer any small amount of responsibility overwhelms her back to the comfort of her champagne glass.

Why Watch Banner

  • The amount of Australian animated programming aimed at the adult audience (18 – 35) is little to none. We’re filling that gap.
  • Tough Love has loveable, deep characters dealing with hilarious situations and real issues.
  • It’s comedy – with hilariously flawed characters dealing with real issues. Think a cross between Daria, Bobs Burgers, The Life & Times of Tim, with a dash of Absolutely Fabulous and Love My Way.
  • Tough Love has its own Australian music mission; 75% of the music heard in every episode is to be Australian.
  • It is character, story, and dialogue driven TV.

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