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In 2015, we successfully funded a pilot of an adult animated sitcom called Tough Love through Kickstarter. Enjoy the pilot below!

“We’ve all been there, you go to buy ice-cream only for it to melt down into a sloppy mess because you’re in your thirties with multiple cats… Ahhh, life.

We all have that one friend – and for Michelle & Riesling (yes, like the wine) that friend is Tracey. If you don’t have that friend, then you are that friend.

Follow the misadventures of Tracey, Michelle, & Riesling (Again, yes – like the wine) as they navigate the cruel world as (not so) fresh-faced thirty-year-olds.”


Client: Music: Count Us In / Music Australia / Music Rights Australia

Music: Count Us In is celebrating 10 years as Australia’s biggest school initiative.

2016 marks 10 years of celebrating music and music education in Australian schools. With more than 500,000 students involved each year, several million young people and thousands of teachers have been involved with Music: Count Us In since the program’s inception in 2007.

Smalltown Animation was commissioned to animate the annual animation for the Why Music Matters campaign allowing students to engage further with the joy and power of music in their lives. It encourages them to explore the themes of the Program Song and to actively participate in creative endeavours and collaborative music-making.

Read the full article via The Music Network here.


Client: Music Rights Australia / ARIA

Visit the Why Music Matters website HERE.

Music Rights Australia & the Music Matters campaign wanted to highlight the important questions to ask when thinking about copyright law in a fun and engaging manner. Music Matters have hopes this series of animations and fact sheets will act as a guide for anyone interested in asking the right questions.


Client: Amateur Hour TV // Laura Imbruglia

Amateur Hour, the brain-child of Melbourne’s favourite music nerd Laura Imbruglia, is a web based variety show bringing together a stellar cast of local Australian bands, artists, performers, and straight up weirdos. Each episode features a selection of interviews, skits, surprises, curios and live music filmed in Melbourne’s most iconic bars and rehearsal spaces. This is a unique arts & culture show created by the artists of Australia.

We were super chuffed to be able to work with Amateur Hour TV in 2017 to animate some short sketches for their second season!

Keep an eye out for the ‘Steady’ and ‘Djembe’ animations in episodes 2 and 6!

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