Meet the Team

Brad Duence

Brad has ten years of experience in the creative industry with a background in both independent and commercial radio as a manager, presenter, and voice-over artist. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Interactive Entertainment (Animation), and manages the creative team. He has a passion for witty screen writing, elaborate audio production, creative concepts and motion graphics.

Kylie Moreyra

Kylie Moreyra has a talent for delivering solid animation whether she’s using the most rudimentary tools, or whether she’s using industry software such as Flash, ToonBoom,  Maya, or AfterEffects. She is also proficient in Illustrator. Kylie holds a Bachelor Degree in Interactive Entertainment (Animation). She also decorates cakes! Multi-talented lass, isn’t she?

Brett Irwin

Brett is an animator and backgrounds artist holding a Bachelor Degree in Interactive Entertainment (Animation). He utilises the likes of ToonBoom, Illustrator,  Photoshop, and AfterEffects to not only compliment but to enhance the team’s vision for numerous creative projects.

Bader Tabbaa


Kurt Taylor


Alister Lockhart

Alister Lockhart was born in Scotland before being moved to Australia, presumably because the other side of the planet was deemed the best choice for his relocation. After insisting against all sensible advice that he wanted to be an illustrator, he trained in Graphic Design at the University of Newcastle and promptly got a job drawing dragon’s n’ spaceships for Sydney-based games company Strategic Studies Group (SSG), with whom he still works today. In the interim, he’s been a farm-hand, a chicken-stuffer, a dish-washer, a copy-fitter, a signwriter, a rose-salesman, a data-entry technician, a teacher, a truck-builder, a bartender, a life-model, a singer, a stand-up comedian, a set-designer, a guitarist, a concept artist, a script-editor, an animator, a 3D modeller, a game designer, a voice actor, an art director, a writer, a film director, a lecturer, and on one memorable occasion mediated a dispute between a group of rowdy drunks and an angry scout-troop leader. Long story.

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